What are the practical advantages of mysticism?

At least in part, I have engaged in my personal mystical discipline for practical reasons, and it has yielded practical results.

These would include:

1. Much greater clarity about how my inner life is unfolding, what is important to me, what generates forward progress, what aligns with my values hierarchy, etc. — thus improving the ease and concision of knowing, decision-making and day-to-day prioritization of thoughts, relationships, efforts, etc.

2. A broader contextual awareness of the world around me — a multidimensional answer to the causal relationships and “whys” of existence, wellness, society, technology, economy, creativity, knowledge, etc. Appreciating this richer, more holistic interplay has improved efficacy across all of my activities, and helped construct mutual support among them, resulting in both enhanced efficiencies and noticeable multidimensional growth.

3. An improved ability to help others — whether through encouragement and emotional support, counsel regarding personal challenges, insight into situational conundrums, or intuitions about self-knowledge and values-related conflicts.

4. There is more, but ultimately these consequences tend to culminate in a personal directedness, focus and acquiescent contentment that enhances joy and harmony in my own life, and encourages (to some humble degree) the same qualities in the lives of those with whom I have relationship.

My 2 cents.


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