Is it possible to just leave everything behind and live as an anarcho-primitivist?

Sure. I’ve personally known people committed to rewilding themselves, and have studied a number of individual examples. I myself have experimented (both purposefully and by unintended accident) with various degrees of both exiting a highly destructive capitalist society, and returning to Nature. It’s not easy, and requires a lot of planning, preparation, education and training. It also requires adequate and compatible natural environs within which to survive. There is a broad spectrum of exit strategies and perspectives, and learning about as many as possible will be helpful. In my own case, each experience taught me a lot about my own limitations, how Nature is often uncooperative regarding human intentions and survival, and how such efforts are indeed liberating in unexpected ways. It also taught me just how much courage is required to self-liberate (be prepared to confront various levels of existential terror on a routine basis). If you are willing to carefully prepare, learn from others who have taken this journey, and be open to having your expectations radically rearranged, then this may be a worthwhile objective for you. Regardless of where you end up in the process, you may find some creative ways to “not participate” in the destruction of planet Earth — and to help others understand the benefits of doing so.

My 2 cents.

Are deep ecology and ecofeminism compatible philosophies? I feel like I subscribe to both.

IMO they absolutely intersect — in fact I think it would be difficult no to lean feminist if you are devoted to deep ecology. The central issue of both is exploitation and destruction that results from imbalanced power relationships — where one group is not acknowledging or esteeming the equality of another group. It doesn’t really matter who or what the “undervalued” and exploited/abused/destroyed group is — or what gender dominates that group — because the main abuser/exploiter/destroyer is a capitalist-paternalist culture that elevates “male power.” In other words, it is what I would call the “testosterone-fueled dominating/competing impulse” that results in the damage and subjugation.

Along these lines, you might be interested in reading this: L7 Oppression of Women