Essays by T.Collins Logan

The topics of these essays range from politics, philosophy, and social criticism to spiritual practice, positive activism, and psychology.  

It may be helpful to consult the following chart to appreciate the underlying framework for many of these essays:
Integral Lifework Developmental Correlations.  
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A Tale of Two Philosophies
In the age of Trump,
Me Too,
and Black Lives Matter


Photo essay on the aftermath of May 30, 2020 demonstrations in La Mesa, CA against police brutality.


Christianity, Neoliberalism,
& Right-Wing Populism:
A Faustian Bargain


Exploring the incompatability between modern conservative Chrsitianity and the New Testament's central Christian values and ideals.


How Integral Lifework
Restores Societal
and Ecological Harmony


A discussion of deeper structures and patterns that drive societal and ecological harmony, and how we can begin to address those in answer to our current existential crisis.


The S.A.P. Hypothesis:
Restoring Prosocial Society


What is at the root of the fracturing of modern society? And what can we do to repair it? The S.A.P. hypothesis aims to identify the primary factors involved, and various avenues to initiate healing.


How Socialist Contributions to Civil Society Saved Capitalism from Itself


This essay attempts to end our collective amnesia around the positive influences of soclialism on civil society over the past two centuries, and how socialism itself came about in response to the horrific conditions of capitalist enterprise during the industrial revolution.


Private Property
As Violence


Why Proprietarian Systems are Incompatible with the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP).


The Underlying Causes of Left vs. Right Dysfunction
in U.S. Politics


What's at the core of sociopolitical polarization in the U.S. - and why Americans have become so easy to manipulate.


The Problem of Virtual Causality


Examining a corrosive troika of misattributed, masked and forced causality that perpetuates and maximizes human suffering in the context of current technology, complexity and political economy.


Reframing Profit


Changing what profit incentivizes - away from antisocial and destructive behavior toward prosocial and civically constructive behavior - in a Level 7 political economy.


Sector Theory 1.0 - Todd's Take on Epistemology


Building on constructive integralism to formalize some inputs and processing streams for "knowing" (and, ultimately, being), so that we can identify helpful multidialectical synthesis and integration, and avoid unhelpful exclusionary bias.


Articles of Transformation for a Level 7 Political Economy


Detailed objectives, action plan and philosophy for transforming crony capitalism, plutocracy and corrupted civic institutions into a more egalitarian, democratic, distributed, and community-centric minarchy. This is a January, 2019 PDF capture of the full website, with supportive links and documents, at (Please Note: this is a 13Mbyte file)


The Goldilocks Zone of Integral Liberty


A proposed method for differentiating verifiable free will from countervailing illusions of freedom.


Managing Complexity with Constructive Integralism


A proposed model for understanding, embracing and managing an ever-evolving sphere of exponential complexity.


A Mystic's Call to Action


Ways to deepen and mature spiritual practice - and create effective and sustainable personal activism - within the framework of Integral Lifework.


Art, Spirit & Consciousness
Exploring the relationship between spirituality, art and consciousness, and what this relationship means for the artist, appreciators of art and the artistic process.


Spirituality for Skeptics


What is the value of spirituality? How can we begin to explore this concept if we doubt there is a spiritual dimension of self? This article is a philosophical and practical approach to self-nourishing habits that could be described as "spiritual," but which at the same time address many kinds of skepticism about religion and spirituality in general. Here spiritual practice is defined as an easily accessible component of holistic wellness, an interior discipline that incorporates three general principles rather than specific doctrines or beliefs.


A Road to Empathy


Empathy is a powerful gateway to kindness and compassion. In the modern age, however, a number of influences have collided to undermine the natural development of empathy. This article explores an integral approach to overcoming these influences and revitalizing a felt sense of empathy in ourselves and society as a whole.


Compassion & Codependence


This article proposes that compassion and codependence are actually opposites, directly antagonizing and interfering with each other. However, because they do share some superficial characteristics, they can be confused with each other by even the most caring and well-intentioned people. Within the framework of Integral Lifework, this article explores a number of ways to identify each mode of being, and then transform codependent responses into more compassionate ones.


Escaping the Failures of Capitalism


A brief overview of the failures of modern state capitalism, a proposed design for a more inclusive and egalitarian alternative, and a five-pronged approach to making that alternative a reality. For those already familiar with Political Economy and the Unitive Principle, this expands on those ideas and adds more specific goals for immediate activism.


Sex at Dawn: The Fallacies of Simulated Science


An overview of "the seven deadly SIMS" of modern pseudo-science, as exemplified in the book Sex at Dawn.


Growing Beyond an Egocentric Worldview


An examination of moral maturity, and how it can be understood and expressed on a global scale, and particularly in relationship to the events of 9/11.


Integral Communication


Some perspectives and tools for constructive inclusive, effective, integral communication.


Functional Intelligence


A pragmatic approach to multidimensional intelligence, where such intelligence is defined primarily by our ability to align intentions and outcomes with personal values.


The Stupefaction 
of Human Experience


How the modern world is relentlessly eradicating the breadth and depth of human experience.