What does everyone misunderstand about mental illnesses like depression and anxiety?

Thanks for the question. In my own work and experience — as a client, health advocate, coach, etc. — my observation is that neither anxiety nor depression have a single cause, that neither can be mitigated or treated exactly the same way in two different people, and that there is no “silver bullet” that eliminates them entirely from our experience. Unfortunately, there are a lot of clinicians and practitioners who sincerely believe that this or that method, this or that medication, this or that treatment, etc. will be THE SINGLE THING THAT HELPS. But this is almost always a case of partial reenforcement: sure, a given approach does help some people some of the time (thought often only temporarily) — but not everyone. That is why, in my own discipline of Integral Lifework, it is so important to identify which dimensions of well-being are under-nurtured, and to develop long-term strategies and habits to heal those deficiencies.

My 2 cents.


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